Acmas technologies Inc. offers you rectangular horizontal autoclave machine to fulfill the need of hospital. It comes with stainless steel and expert in providing you necessary operation stability. Inner chamber, middle wall and outside wall have been built by using stainless steel. Safety valve, pressure measure as well as steam discharge valve also gives the best useful interface. Moreover, the mechanical water stop device also offers essential safety support of element used in the procedures.
working chamber

W x D x H (mm)


450 X 450 X 900

191 Ltr

600 x 600 x 900

335 Ltr

600 x 900 x 1200

450 Ltr

600 x 900 x 1500

850 Ltr

Rectangular Horizontal Autoclave (ATI-104)

Rectangular Horizontal Autoclave
ConstructionThe unit contains inner & outer chamber, Boiler, Lid and Jacket – everything is built of 304 grade stainless steel for calculating sterilization cycle, a multiport valve - made of stainless steel. It is provided with vacuum breaker, water level pointer, steam trap and mechanical pressure control switch. The entire part is constructed on a strong tubular stand.
mode of heatingElectrically heated by special flange type/immersion type heaters bearing ISI mark, to work on 440 volts three phase 50 cycles
working pressure
  • The pressure inside the chamber is variable from 5 psi. to 20 psi. but the normal recommended pressure for sterilization process is 1.2 kgf/cm2.g ( 15 psi - 17 psi )

  • Working Temperature : 121° C Hydrotest Pressure : 2.5 kgf/cm sq.g ( 35 psi )

standard controls

Multiple Operating Valve : To perform all operations at one point

Door : Single door will fixed with strong shooting arm, offered with mechanical pressure locking system so that the door close till chamber pressure is completely tired.

Quick Vacuum Drying Apparatus: This makes filtered air to go inside the chamber vacuum & assists in quick-drying.

Accidental Vacuum Breaker: A safety system against accidental vacuum in it and to take away remaining air from it.

Safety Valve: A safety system against surplus force in jacket and steam producer.

Dial Type Thermometer: Points toward balanced temperature.

Plug Screen: A system to stop chamber, release line from down / residue.

optional accessoriesAutomatic pressure control switch, automatic water stop system, automatic timer with alarm device, temperature pointer, temperature chart recorders.
Features Incorporated In Basic Unit:
  • Automatic pressure control switch– This semi-automatic device controls the pressure inside the chamber mechanically and cuts-off the current from the heating elements, when the desired/ set pressure value level is attained inside the chamber and restarts the mechanism once the pressure inside the chamber falls from the desired level.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator: This device indicates the temperature in a chamber.

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