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Portable autoclaves are primarily designed for sterilization at dental clinics, nursing homes and hospitals as well. This equipment’s occupy low bench space and are extremely easy to use. Every unit of these products are made up of heavy gauge aluminum or stainless-steel material. All vertical autoclave manufacturers produce the equipment that is incorporated with safety devices which protect the user and samples from over pressure and other mishandling conditions. Also, these equipment’s do not require installation, all the user needs to do is plug in and use the same.  
working chamber

Dia mm X Depth mm


300 X 300

21 Ltrs

300 X 350

24 Ltrs

Portable Autoclave (ATI - 110)

Portable Autoclave
ConstructionIt is a different kind of container that produces pressure of 15lbs and high temperature of 121° C. Sterilization of any medium is assured with immediate action. The container is manufactured with high-standard stainless steel (SS 304 grade) with top cap. Unit is delivered with very helpful one turn safety system with perfect sealing. A fixed weight lift regulator is supplied as a safety device.  

Technical Matrix
Model No. ATI-110
Type Cooker Type
Operated Electric
Air Release Nozzle Inbuilt
Steam Release Valve Inbuilt
Gasket Made of Silicon
Construction Stainless steel SS 304
Lid Stainless steel SS 304
Fully equipped with safety valve, pressure gauge
Tripod stand Mild Steel
Container Aluminum
Heating Elements ISI Marked
Temperature 121oC
Pressure 15 psi
Turn Locking System with Perfect Sealing
Stop Cock Dead Weight Valve For Safety device
Power Supply 220-230V, Single Phase

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