Our Horizontal Autoclave Rectangular & Cylindrical is manufactured of stainless steel to make sure rust resistance surface. Triple walled construction gives strong level of protection. Boiler is installed individually and linked to the chamber. Water level pointer is also fitted to the boiler. Mechanical low water cut-off is non-compulsory and installed on require only. Every part is installed with mechanical pressure control switch, which is capable to manage the pressure. Users can easily control the temperature with the support of digital controller installed on the face of the unit. To get trustable tight door, we use rubber gasket. To make our Horizontal Autoclave Rectangular & Cylindrical well matched to your application and to easy your work, we offer a variety of accessories.
working chamber

Dia mm X Depth mm


Load (KW)

400 mm X 600 mm



500 mm X 900 mm



550 mm X 750 mm



400 mm X 1100 mm



500 mm X 1200 mm



600 mm X 1200 mm



750 mm X 1200 mm




Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical (ATI-105)

Horizontal Autoclave Cylindrical
ConstructionThe cylinder has inside and outside portions, Boiler, Lid and Jacket – everything is designed by stainless steel for managing a cycle. It is provided with complete Vacuum roller, water stage pointer, steam corner and mechanical force manageable switch. The complete unit is built up on a strong tubular stand. It is found in the below standard sizes.
mode of heatingIt is heated through a special kind of heaters, which contains 440 volts in three phases.
working pressureThe force made inside the portion varies from 5 psi to 20 psi, but the standard temperature for the sterilization procedure is suggested - 1.2 kgf/cm2.g (15 psi - 17 psi)
standard controls

Multiple Operating Valve:To act all purposes of sterilization cycle at single point.
Door : Single door shall be installed with essential shooting arm, offered with mechanical pressure locking equipment so that the door can't be opened till chamber pressure is completely exhausted.
Quick Vacuum Drying Apparatus: This equipment let the filtered and clean air to break the chamber vacuum & supports in fast drying.
Accidental Vacuum Roller: Safety equipment next to the accidental vacuum in it and to take away remaining air from it.
Safety Valve: Safety equipment next to surplus pressure in jacket and steam generator.
Dial Type Thermometer : Points towards the sterilization temperature.
Plug Screen : An equipment to stop chamber, discharge line from lint / sediment.
Chamber Condensate Line: Included with spirax thermostatic steam catches and check valve for great condensation from chamber to get best temperature.
Pressure & Compound Gauge: Point to jacket and chamber pressure/vacuum resp.
Steam Generator (Boiler) : Shall be fixed to under the jacket. It shall be installed with -

1. High quality heating elements.
2. An automatic water level float switches to guard heater from low water level.
3. Water inlet and outlet valves.
4. Water level pointing to gauge glass and automatic water closing equipment.
5. Automatic pressure state switch to manage the boiler/jacket pressure

optional accessoriesAutomatic pressure control switch, automatic low water cut off device, mechanical timer with alarm system, temperature indicator (Digital/analog), temperature chart recorders.

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