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CO2 Incubators Specification

We as a Ovens & Incubator Supplier offer CO2 incubators particularly suggested for laboratory research to breed and maintain cell mores in vitro. They offer high standard of performance to control in-vitro surroundings for maximum growth of tissue cells by correctly managing temperature, dampness, CO2 gas and infertility. CO2 Incubators also offers an atmosphere for the conservation of animal’s tissue cell and mature haploid at close to body temperature. Modest gas control panel part available to control accurate setting state for your procedure needing hypoxic circumstances.

CO2 Incubator

Model No : ATI-188

Technical Matrix:
Capacity 80/155/233 Liter
Interior Dimension (W X D X H) mm 400 X 400 X 500 / 530 X 480 X 610 / 600 X 580 X 670
Exterior Dimensions (W X D X H) mm 580 X 500 X 690 / 650 X 690 X 850 / 720 X 790 X 700
No. of shelves (Supplied) 2 / 3 / 4 Nos.
Temperature Range 5oC above ambient to 50oC
Temperature Controller Microprocessor based PID
Temperature Uniformity ±0.35oC at 37oC ±0.5oC
Temperature Sensor PT-100
Display LCD/LED
Heating System Direct heating system
CO2 Range 0-20%
Accuracy ± 2%
Sensor infrared CO2 sensor
Rate ≤ 5minutes
Humidity Up to 95%
Water reservoir system 3 liters
Heating Elements ISI Marked
Insulation 75 mm (Glass Wool)
Power Consumption 500W / 750W / 950W
Power supply 220 V , Single Phase 50/60Hz 
CO2 Cylinder Optional
Regulator Optional
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