With the help of the very accurate and easy to use wood moisture meter for professionals you can measure with a high accuracy moisture in rolled products, forestry wood, slats, beams, plywood, panels, conglomerates, main beams, window frames, etc. A Wood moisture meter can either be destructive or non-destructive depending on the use that is needed.The wood moisture meter is characterised by the measuring principle and the moisture sensors that can be adapted to it. Depending on the model, the woodmoisture meter has special characteristics such as an automatic compensation of temperature.

Digital Wood Moisture Meter (ATI-MC-03)

Digital Wood Moisture Meter
Technical Specifications Display : 4 digits, 10mm (4" ) LCD ( Liquid .Crystal Display)

Range : Moisture content: 0 ~ 50% Temp.: -10 ~ 65oC

Resolution : 0.1

Accuracy :

Moisture content : + (0.5%n + 1)

Temperature : + 0.8oC

Operation Temp. : 0 ~ 50oC or 32 ~ 122"F

Operation Humidity : <85%

Battery : 4 x 1.5 AA (UM-3) battery

Size : 178 x 68 x 39 mm

Weight : about 190g (not including batteries)
Accessories :

Carrying Case : 1pc.

Operation Manual : 1pc.

Measurement Needle : 1pc

Measuring Procedure

1 Moisture content

A. Hold the handle of measurement needles and leave needles in the air, i.e. don't let needles touch anything except air.

B. Set the Function Switch to the MC (Moisture Content) position to switch on the power supply.

C. You will hear 2 times of "click" sound. That is self-calibration by the instrument.

D. Insert two steel measurement needles into the wood to be measured. The reading on the Display is the measurement value.

2 Temperature

A. Set the Function Switch to the Temp. position to switch on the power supply.

B. There is no need to insert the needles into the wood. The reading on the Display is the measurement value of environment temperature.

C. It takes a few minutes to stabilize when conditions or environment are changed.

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