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Obromax Kjeldahl digestion unit is used for estimation of nitrogen content in the substance by digestion for 300 & 500 ml. Capacity flask provided with LEAD FUME DUCT and pair of hanger. Two rear brackets provide adjustable mounting for glass manifold or flask support rod. Each flask station consists of a tubular heater element and a stainless steel cup. The heater assemblies are recessed into the top insulating board to minimize accidental personnel contact with the hot heater element.

Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

Model No : ATI - 175

Kjeldahl Digestion Unit
Technical Matrix
Features Strong construction
Rust proof
Require less maintenance
Heating system Mantle Type / Hot plate Type
Supplied complete with Heating platforms for digestion unit
Complete set up is supplied A M.S. Tubular stand
Supplied with Individual energy regulators
Rating of each test 200 Watts
Optional Glass Parts & Clamps
Digital Temperature controller cum indicator
It is very useful for Estimation of Nitrogen content in the substance by digestion for 300 & 500 ml.
Capacity flasks provided With LEAD FUME DUCT and pair of hangers.
Capacity Unit of 3 test Mantle type/Hot Plate type
Unit of 6 test Mantle type/Hot Plate type
Power supply 220/230, Single Phase AC Supply

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