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Distillation Apparatus Specification

Distillation Apparatus comprise of a corning flask which is embedded with heating elements fused in spiral type of glass coin fixed up internally. Also, these Lab Water Solution Devices are incorporated with a double wall coiled condenser that makes the equipment sturdy and strong. All these equipment’s are widely used for water distillation in several research laboratories. Not only this, for easy cleaning the horizontal jacket of these units is fitted with removable silica heater and screw threaded connectors. In addition, during the process of re-circulating the condensed water into boiling, these devices save the energy as well.

Distillation Apparatus All Glass

Model No : ATI - 143

Technical Specifications


1.5 liters/hr

4.0 liters/hr

Conductivity, µScm-

0.8 – 1.2

0.8 – 1.2

Temperature of distillate

30 – 40oC

30 – 40oC

Pyrogen content

Pyrogen free

Pyrogen free

Cooling water supply

60 liters/hr(approx)

90 liters/hr(approx)

Electricity Supply

220 – 240 v,50-60 Hz, Single phase

220 – 240 v,50-60 Hz, Single phase

Power requirement

3.0 kW



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