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All Quartz Double Distillation Unit Specification

Double Distillation Units are Lab Water Solutions which are extremely effective and economic method of producing ultra-pure water for the use of laboratory. These comprise of contrast de-ioniser which are effective in removing those substances that are not ionized. These units are designed to produce a consistence purity and they consist of horizontal borosilicate boilers, condensers and a quartz heater. These Double Distillation Units come up with more balanced boiling and are extremely compact. Capacity
1ltrs/hr 2 kW Single Phase 40 Liters/hr
1.5 ltrs/hr 3 kW Single Phase 60 Liters/hr
2 ltrs/hr 4 kW Single Phase 65 Liters/hr
2.5 ltrs/hr 4.5 kW Double Phase 70 Liters/hr
3 ltrs/hr 5 kW Double Phase 100 Liters/hr
4 ltrs/hr 6 kW Double Phase 120 Liters/hr
5 ltrs/hr 8 kW Double Phase 150 Liters/hr


All Quartz Double Distillation Unit, Vertical Type

Model No : ATI - 144

Silent Features
Distillate Quality Pyrogen Free
Ultra pure Water
Demountable First boiler
Long life Spiral Heater
Organic Matter NIL
Standard Test Conditions apply Treated water used.
Specific Conductivity 0.1-0.5 uS/cm
RH/PH 6.9-7.0
Yeast and mould Zero
Standard Plate Count Zero
Total Plate Count Zero
KmnO4 Color retention 60 minutes
Power Consumption 1 KW Per Heater
Power supply 220/230, Single Phase AC Supply
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