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Pass Box Specification

Pass Box is a Clean Room Equipment which is rugged, custom designed, and are made up of stainless steel which can be installed in many ways while depending on the door or wall supporting the equipment. Pass Box are used in various pharmaceutical, food industries, and semi conductor to meet the demand of the most controlled conditions. Not only this, these are manufactured with powder coated stainless steel and other high quality components that can eradicate pollutants from the air. All these are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13845:2016,CE,GMP certified and are manufactured as well as supplied in the market by OBROMAX. These machines also offer excellent performance while working in the clean room unit.

Pass Box

Model No : ATI – 191

Technical Matrix:
Construction PCRC Powder Coated / Stainless Steel 304  
Model Static / Dynamic
Viewing Window Incorporated
Door Mechanical or Electromagnetic Interlocking
UV Lamp For sterilization/bacteria control
Accessories Hour Meter, Fluorescent light, UV light, Buzzer and Indicator lamps
Filtration Efficiency ≥ 99.99% @ ≥ 0.3μm
Power Supply 220 / 230 Volts
Working Chamber Size W-450 x D-450 x H-450 mm / W-610 x D-610 x H-610 mm
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