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Clean Room Specification

Clean Rooms are devices that are used in manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, scientific research as well as various aerospace engineering applications. All these equipment’s are quite large and they are extensively used in semi conductor, biotechnology, and life sciences that are taken to be sensitive to environmental contamination. The most important aspect while constructing these devices are that what size of the particle needs to be filtered out. These Clean Room Equipment are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13845:2016,CE,GMP certified and are manufactured as well as supplied in the market by OBROMAX. Also clean rooms are built and operated to meet different classifications, depending on various environmental conditions.

Clean Room

Model No : ATI- 192

Technical Matrix:
Class 100000 to 10
Air Velocity 0.45 to 0.5 m/s
Noise level Noise level
Inner Chamber Stainless Steel SS 304
Height 8 - 14 feet Height
Adjustable Pressure 0.06W.C
Sliding Door width 36, 48 and 60 inch Entrance
TFL Light 4ft -04 nos. (white light)
Wiring Reloc Wiring System
Chamber Mild Steel duly powder coated / Stainless Steel SS 304
Walls, floors, ceiling tiles, lighting fixtures, doors and windows are construction materials that must be carefully selected to meet clean room standards.
Cleanliness required by a process. Smocks, coveralls, gloves and head and shoe cover are clothing accessories commonly used in clean spaces.
Room entrances such as sir locks and pass through are used to maintain pressure differentials and reduce contaminants.
HEPA filters 99.97% efficient
Blower assembly Dynamically & statically balanced motors & blower of standard make.
Insulation Construction Sealed
Load 20 amp
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